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    Thoughts about the name Farrah

    Farrah has bounced on and off my short list for a long while now. I know most people still think of the actress first but aside from that what are your thoughts when you hear this name? Do any specific images come to mind? Do you consider it usable?

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    Farrah, I love. I couldn't ever get myself to use it as it wouldn't go with our last name.. unless for a middle maybe.
    I know someone named Farrah Ashley, and while the middle is simple, I always thought it was cute.
    Nothing specific comes to mind other than the actress, but I think it's a great name otherwise.
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    Farrah is a pretty enough name, but I'm afraid whenever someone says it I think of that wretched famous-for-nothing Farrah Abrams.

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    I think of Miss Teen Mom Porn Star Farrah Abraham.
    She's the only relevant Farrah atm... and probably the Farrah the younger generation will associate with the name.

    In all honesty, she is the smartest business woman (despite her apparent lack of self-respect) in all the group of teen moms and I don't see her going away anytime soon. Hell, I never watched an episode of Teen Mom and I think of her long before Farrah Fawcett (and I'm not a teenager).

    I think it is a straight forward beautiful name, but due to this association I might wait a few years before I render it usable.

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