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    Jun 2013
    Ares Pascal
    Ares Alexios
    Ares Odysseus

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    Apr 2011
    Ares Orlando
    Ares Lorenzo
    Ares Dominic
    Ares Emmanuel
    Ares Benjamin
    Ares Beckett
    Ares Donovan
    Ares Gabriel
    Ares Joel
    Ares Jonathan
    Ares Julian
    Ares Malachi
    Ares Nathaniel
    Ares Oliver
    Ares William
    Ares Evander
    Ares Josiah
    Ares Mordechai

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    Oh, I love Apollo and think it is soooooo much better than Ares. I am a huge Rocky fan! I also think with Anton Apollo Ono, it makes the name fresh in peoples minds and seem very approachable.

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