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    Ares Jameson
    Ares Xander
    Ares Caeden
    Ares Darion
    Ares Damon
    Ares Drew
    Ares Luke
    Ares Christos
    Ares Theo
    Ares Stefan
    Ares Simon

    I like the idea of pairing it with a simple Greek name that is still familiar in English, like these examples (OK, I cheated with Caeden and Jameson).

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    My suggestion would be to drop Ares. It is just such a negative name. My son is really into super heroes. Yours might be to and can you imagine having to share a name with the biggest villain of all time?

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    Pulling from the suggestions above, I would pair it with something "normal" like Ares Vincent or Ares Theodore. The Greek god of war won't be easy to pull off. I also like the sound of Ares Nathaniel and Ares Leander. Are there any other names you like to help us get a better feel of your style?

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    We also like Apollo and after some convincing I think my husband likes it better too....he was okay with the "God of War" thing up until he is questioning it.

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    I actually like Ares, he was my favorite mythical God growing up.
    What little boy wouldn't like being associated with a very popular video game Franchise like God of War?
    Eventually, they may even bring out a movie which would make him the coolest kid on the block.

    I think Ares is more user friendly than Apollo... but that is just my opinion

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