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    Middle name for Ares?

    We are due in two weeks and still don't have a name. We keep going back to Ares, but can't think of a middle name. Any suggestions?

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    Ares is interesting but are you sure your son will be able to pull it off? A god of war, you know. I'd use Mars (on my long list) just because it can also be associated with a planet. Or Aires.
    But Ares itself, if pronounced correctly, sounds handsome as well though I think you should pair it with more everyday name to balance out.
    Ares Benedict (if your last name doesn't start with C)
    Ares Theodore
    Ares Dashiell
    Ares Sebastian
    Ares Endymion

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    How about-

    Ares Victor
    Ares Vincent
    Ares Drake
    Ares Xavier
    Ares Lucius
    Ares Balthazar
    Ares William
    Ares Edmund

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    Ares Vincent was a cute combo ^

    I also like:
    Ares Grant
    Ares Tyler
    Ares Jacob
    Ares William
    Ares Maddox
    Ares Sebastian
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    I would recommend a middle name starting with a vowel because sometimes going from the -s straight to another consonant can be hard. But a vowel name with some consonants in it to have something to hang on to.

    Ares Everett
    Ares Ivor
    Ares Oscar
    Ares Oliver
    Ares Calvin
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