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    Due in 3 weeks and still haven´t picked a name.. please help

    Hello, I am due in 3 weeks and we are still looking for a boys name. We have decided if it is a girl to call the baby Elisa Margaretha Adelheid, named after my grandmother, mom and favorite aunt, but are struggling to find the right name for a boy. Our 2 boys are named Noah James and Levi Rubaek, and I love both names. They really suit them. We live in Austria where Noah is getting more and more popular, while Levi is very unusual. Here are some names I like Jasper, Nelson and Caleb. My husband likes Jasper and Kieran. Middle names would be either Anderson or Rubaek (both family names). I am open for any suggestions.. thank you!!

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    Since you both like Jasper I think it's a great fit with Noah and Levi!

    How about:


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    Kieran Anderson would be cute, depending on your last name. That really stuck out for some reason. It'd also go good with your other boys' names.
    Caleb is also very cute. And again, like with Kieran, depending on your last name.. Caleb Anderson could work!
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    I like Caleb, Jasper and Kieran as well.
    My vote for the middle would be towards Anderson since you've already used your family Rubaek for son Levi.

    The only thing about Kieran Anderson is that the "an"s kinda run into each other... :/ Also, I don't know how you feel about unisex names, but Kieran is your only unisex choice, in comparison to big brothers, Noah and Levi, whose names are only used for boys. Might not make a difference (I don't think I've ever met a Kieran, boy or girl)- just wanted to point out things to think about. And really, you do already have a Biblical theme going with Noah and Levi - I think maybe Caleb is your best choice, unless that makes you want to steer away from it. But all have different ending sounds, so it's a subtle theme; don't let that make your final decision. I say, embrace it!

    I love the family associations and beautiful array of feminism displayed in your choice for daughter; Elisa Margaretha Adelheid is simply charming! The similar Elise and Adelaide are two of my all-time favorites.
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    I love Noah James!

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