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    Question Knox Jax Lenox Knoxson Knoxton Baby Boy Name Delima

    My husband and I really like the names Jaxon (nn:Jax) but I feel like this name has just taken over and it will be everywhere! (Do you see this to be the case as well?)

    An alternative is Knox which is far less popular with a cool feel to it.
    The name of just Knox makes me a little uncomfortable so I thought Lenox with nn of Knox would be nice. The name Lenox reminds people of printers and dinnerware and could make people want to call him Lenny and that is terrible. Also I am a little uncomfortable going by Knox when there is no K in lenox.

    So my husband last night came up with an option- Knoxson or Knoxton and he could go by Knox.

    Please let me know your honest thoughts on this name? And which one (if any) works best?
    It is nice to be able to throw it out there to get comments. I won't be hurt if you hate it.

    Thank you very much
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    I don't see Lennox (prefer this spelling, it just feels more complete to me) nn Knox to be a problem. A lot of nicknames have slight spelling changes to them - Anthony > Tony, Stephen > Steve, Francis > Frank ... I can't see that using the Knox spelling as a nickname is a problem at all. Prefer Lennox to Knoxton/Knoxson, they just look and feel made up whereas Lennox is familiar as a name, even spelling it Lenox isn't going to be as difficult to explain "Lennox with only one N" as it would be to explain Knoxson "Noxon? Nockson?". I personally don't have a problem with the nn Lenny, I think it's cute on a little boy but if you don't like it then I'd just make sure you enforced Knox as the nickname from an early stage.

    If you like the X sound, how about:
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    I think Lennox nn Knox is totally do-able. (I prefer the double n as well). I don't mind Lenny and it might fit your kid perfectly but I understand wanting a cooler, spunkier nn instead of what many consider to be an old fashioned, stuffy nn. (BTW. I know a Kenny who is pretty much the "coolest", most radical person I know and I can't image this dread-locked, guitar playing, poly-sci specialist with any other name).
    Actually I'd just go with Nox as a nn though. It reminds me of "the Nox" which is a race from the Stargate mythology.
    They are super advanced and believe in living in harmony with earth and in peace. They are constantly saying that.
    Knoxson or Knoxton just look made up and really awkward. (Sorry!)

    I like Essjay's suggestions of other X names since that seems to be a theme for you.
    I tink Axel is pretty stunning -> a bit rocker tough boy and a bit old fashioned all mixed into one.

    Also Xander, Xavier, Xerxes, Xenos, Ajax (think Greek hero not cleaning agent),
    Felix (on of my all time favorites), Hendrix, Onyx, Pheonix, and Pollux are other
    (for the most part) less popular options.
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    I agree, I'd go with Lennox nn Knox. Very cute and usable.
    I could see Knoxon (with no S) as a similar to Jaxon, but I just don't like it a whole lot. I'd do Lennox.

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    I like The name Knox and like Knoxson better then Knoxton

    Other x names
    Daxon/ Daxton

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