View Poll Results: Which sweet southern double name?

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  • Ruth May

    11 10.28%
  • Evie May

    31 28.97%
  • Evie Lou

    17 15.89%
  • Adah May

    25 23.36%
  • Effie May

    20 18.69%
  • Evie Tess

    6 5.61%
  • Emmylou

    21 19.63%
  • Ruth Nell

    4 3.74%
  • Anne May (or Annie May)

    14 13.08%
  • Anne Louise (NOT Annie Lou)

    21 19.63%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    POLL: Which sweet southern double names

    My husband is the guy who loves surnames for girls because they seem Southern and spunky, so the fact that he's starting to think that these much more feminine double names fulfill the same task is very encouraging to me.

    Please vote on which name you like the best. I'm open to suggestions as well. In general, I really like May, Lou, Nell, or Tess in the 2nd spot). We pronounce Evie (EE-vee)

    Here are the full name possibilities for each name:

    1. Ruth May (Ruth May Katherine)
    2. Evie May (Reveley May Katherine OR Everhart May Katherine OR Evie May Katherine OR Eve May Katherine---Reveley and Everhart are namely names...I'm not a fan of Everhart for a girl AT ALL, but if it gets me to Evie May, I migh acquiesce)
    3. Evie Lou (Eve Louise Katherine)
    4. Adah May (Adah May Katherine)
    5. Effie May (Euphemia May Katherine)
    6. Evie Tess (Eve Therese Katherine)
    7. Emmylou (Memphis Louise Katherine)
    8. Ruth Nell (Ruth Helen Katherine)
    9. Anne May or Annie May (Anne May Katherine....dh likes it, but worries it would be too boring in case of other kids.He's worried we'll get stuck with fairly conservative names....Anne and Shiloh don't exactly "go" together.
    10. Anne Louise (Anne Louise Katherine)

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