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    For me the first name is a name I love, one middle name is a name I really like and want to use, and a second middle name is to honor family.

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    I think 3 names is pushing it. Like 2 first + 1 mn, or 1 first + 2 mn or what have you. For the longest time, I never heard of multiple names, except for when I had to do some research for history and learned about how royalty often give a long string of names. I'm gonna say that around 98% of the people I know have: fn, mn, ln. Recently, some girls in my neighborhood back home chose to give their kids 2 middles.

    When I met my boyfriend's family, I was taken aback because all the kids have multiple names. His sister has 2 fn and 1 mn. His older brother has 4 names total (not sure what the split of fn/mn are) and goes by a shortened version of one of his middle names. My boyfriend has 1 first name and 2 middles. His younger brother has 5 names total, and goes by at least two different names, depending on who is talking to him. Their mom had a hard time deciding between her favorites for each kid, so she would just tack them all on. It confuses the heck out of me.

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    Personally, I wouldn't do more than two middles unless you have strong family heritage of doing so (ie: the royals!). Two can sometimes seem a bit pretentious, and anything more than two definitely does, at least to me.

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    My family has a tradition of naming the oldest child with two middles, the next child with three, the third child with four etc., but as long as it's a tasteful choice, I don't think more that one or two middle names could be considered excessive.
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    I am fine with 2 mn, in fact I even like double barrel middle names, but I top out at 3, even with them being short. Even if a name is long, it's still somehow more concise and cleaner to say a long name than several short names, and I feel it's because of the breaks in between the names creates a pause, and saying a name becomes less melodious and more like a machine gun firing. I contend that Maryanne Jane Lou feels shorter to say than Ann Jane Mary Lou. Ann Jane Mary Lou feels like a singing warmup.

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