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    I think one is plenty. I do actually use my daughter's middle name from time-to-time (I call her Maura Lucy or Maura Lu-Who a lot, actually) but in the grand scheme of things, they're hardly ever known or used. A second middle would be used even less because official forms usually only have room for one middle name or initial, and really how would you ever work a big name like that into a nickname, or even yell the whole thing out when your kid's in trouble? It seems superfluous to me, but of course others are welcome to do what they like.
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    I'm not a fan of 2 middles to me one is hardly cared for, why bother with 2? So anything more than 1 middle is too much in my opinion

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    I'm not currently planning to use multiple middles for my kids, but I think it's whatever floats your boat. The first middle, and often just the initial, is the only one used on most forms, so it's not like it'll inconvenience you, your kid, or anyone else.

    I could see multiple middles being useful in different situations. Like the OP mentioned, maybe you're only having a couple of kids, but you have a lot of people you want to honor. If you throw them all in the middle, even if the first one is the only one used, the birth announcement uses them all, so everyone is happy. If you want to name Junior after his dad, you could get away with a second middle just to differentiate them officially, without getting people all up in arms over the fact that the names aren't exactly identical. If your last name is cumbersome or just odd, a double middle could be handy if you want the extra oomph of hollering three names without having to use the surname. And maybe two of the names you like are super popular or super unusual, and an extra middle could be handy if Emma Sophia decides she's tired of always sharing both names with a classmate, or if Gertrude Ingrid would like to use a name that's a little more palatable to a fourth-grade audience.

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    I figure use as many names as you want, it is your child after all and no one is really going to see the middles. Personally I would only use two, both honouring each side of the family.
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    Honestly, it's up to the parents. I have a friend with 10 middle names and she's never had any trouble - on her exam slips at school they just used her first middle name. She said she loves having so many middle names, especially because they're all family names.

    Personally, two is my limit, but if you want to use three, four, even five or more, I don't care.
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