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    Sometimes I wish I had chosen two middle names for my children - it is a nice way to honor family members.

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    you can't have too many

    My boys names are

    Ellis Jacob David George &
    Finn Louie Christopher

    I wanted to add more for Finn but I didn't want it to sound awkward I LOVE their names but it is 1 of the hardest parts. Their middle names are sentimental to us and represent Family that we love and have lost. Xoxo

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    Two middle names! My name is Ashley Nicole.... Do you know how many Ashley Nicole's there are?? I gave my daughters two middle names... Avila Ireland-Nicole (Avila because I loved it and for the baseball player, Ireland her dad picked because he's Irish, and Nicole for me) and Iris Taylor-Louise (Iris because I loved it/it goes nicely with Avila, Taylor because it's sentimental to me, Louise for my grandma and mom). Last baby we have will have two middle names too. Husband thinks anything more than two is overkill (then again he thinks two are a bit much but that's because "his mom didn't do that" *rolls eyes*)

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    There are so many beautiful names out there, why stick with just a first and a single middle? I figure the more the merrier!
    10? Sure, why not? That child has so many options that surely he could find one of his middles that fits his personality!

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    I don't see anything wrong with two middles, in fact I intend on using two myself. Three might be a bit much unless there is a very good reason or you are royalty, and I think any more than that is definitely overdoing it.
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