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    How many names is too many names?

    This is just a general question.

    I imagine with families having fewer children than in the past, on average, and with more people on the planet to distinguish yourself from, that a lot of parents will decide to give their child(ren) more names...perhaps.

    In the US, I know it's typical that we have a first, middle, and last name. My German fiance has two mns and that seems rather common there.

    So, how much is too much? Does it depend on how long your last name is, or if you choose to hyphenate your child's last name, for example? Are syllables a consideration, e.g., is Arabella Elizabeth Worthingtonshireham really longer or shorter than Ann Jane Mary Lou Smith?

    What's your opinion?
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    I find that it is fairly uncommon in the U.S. to have more than one middle name, and I've often thought to myself that more than that is a bit pretentious. But, now that I am having a little one of my own, and the middle name slot is important for us to give our kid a connection to family/important people in our lives, the more I see the benefits of more that one middle. That way, you can pull a family name from both sides of the family and still use a "just because we love it" name for the first. That being said, the only way I'd actually do that is if I wanted to use the first two names as a double name. The middle name we want to use is Katherine. One of the names that we both are attract to is double names. We both grew up in the South, and I grew up Catholic, where there were a lot of double names going around. We really like double names that end in May or Lou (i.e. Adah May or Evie Lou), but we still want to use Katherine to honor my mom. So we're considering Adah May Katherine or Eve Louise Katherine.

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    Having two middle names myself, I really like longer names (as in, more names, not necessarily more syllables). There are so many beautiful names, and so many people, places, and memories I would want to honour when naming my children, that I strongly doubt I could just give only one middle name. I would probably go with two, because any more than that and it would be a little awkward for official forms, records, etc., and difficult for the child to remember. Just my personal opinion.

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    I prefer simplicity in naming (as in other things as well) so I would rather go with a shorter unique name than a longer common name. For example, I much prefer Eden Paige Smith to Elizabeth Piper Juliette Smith.

    However, I don't think there is really a right answer here. One should remember though that most forms only have room for one middle name/middle initial so I expect the first middle name is the one that will be used
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    I see nothing wrong with two middle names...anything more than that, however, seems excessive to me. Just my personal preference, however.

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