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    Am I horrible? Renaming Infant, advice!

    Any suggestions?
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    If you love Vera, go with it. She's YOUR child, it'll grow on your mother. My vote is for Vera or Maria, Maria being a more unique twist on Mary. Also, what about Veronica or Verity? With either name, you could still call her Vera.
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    I think if it really bothers you that much, there is nothing wrong with changing her name. You have the right to be able to call your daughter by a name you will love as much as she will someday. Maybe you could move Auriana as a second middle to retain part of her old name if it would make you feel better. But if you just aren't feeling the choice you made anymore, you should seriously consider changing it. You have some lovely names listed as alternatives, any of which would work splendidly. Pick a name that makes you smile!

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    Do what is in your heart.

    Personally, I like Auriana. Would you consider finding an affectionate nickname like Annie, Ana, or Ari?

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    I'd call her Elizabeth, either legally switching her first and middle names or just calling her by her middle. There are so many wonderful nicknames for Elizabeth that you could distinguish her from her namesake.

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