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    How ruined? Callen Faye is nice.
    Since Callen is so unisex, how about something really feminine in the middle? Valentine's a good middle, but Callen Valen rhymes.

    Callen Valeria
    Callen Felicity
    Callen Adora (a bit too-sweet)
    Callen Amora
    Callen Paris
    Callen Aphrodite
    Callen Freya
    Callen Carys
    Callen Esme
    Callen Imogen
    Callen Thaïs
    Callen Rose — or if your husband bought you flowers that day, then the flower they were: Callen Lily, Callen Orchid, etc

    Some of these would go really nicely with Calla as well, which is a pretty romantic flower in itself. Calla Felicity is pretty fantastic, and Calla Valentine works nicely too.
    Calla Imogen
    Calla Carys
    Calla Thaïs
    Calla Faye

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    I like Callen Harper a lot, actually! Callen Tine, I can sooo see being a nickname no matter what! LOL. Callen Rose has been a dangling option, so has Callen Wren...but I think that sounds kind of harsh together.

    Callen Faye was ruined by me telling my mother. Odd when she complained of people ruining the names she had when she was pregnant with me. Anyway, I told her that we both liked Faye and she said "Well, how did you come up with THAT?" I said, "I don't know, it just popped in my head and sounded really good together." She said, "Well Fay (different spelling), was my mother's sister's name. And she was named after so-and-so. What about Faith?" That is when I said, "Gross..." Now my husband can't get it out of his head that Faye sounds like Faith, which he does not like.

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    Mother's sister's middle name (Dolly Fay), but had it legally changed to her first name (Fay Dolly)... weird story. I am not really close to my family, so I get told new things all of the time it seems lol.

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    Thank you for all of the suggestions!!

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