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    Cool, but not too cool

    So, I'm starting a new story and I'm having a lot of trouble with the main guy character's name.
    It's set in modern day Ireland, and has a supernatural element to the story.
    The character has a little bit of edge and mystery but is also kind of a normal 18/19 year old guy. He's blonde, a little gangly, and has an infectious smile. Basically I want a cool but not too cool name. His last name is Quirke and the first name doesn't have to be Irish. If it helps the main female character is named Sylvie Muldoon.

    Some ideas I've had are:
    Lorcan (Reminds me of Harry Potter a little too much)

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    I really like Finnian Quirke. To me it just matched with Sylvie Muldoon, don't know why but it just does. Finnian and Sylvie, sounds good!
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    Finnian - seems too obvious and similar to Finnegan
    Lorcan - doesnt go with Quirke
    Casimir - together too over the top
    Sullivan Quirke - not too out there that it doesnt sound like a real name, but Sullivan still has a lot of weight and character

    i personally dont mind Sullivan & Sylvie, think it kinda works.
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    I like the sound of Cian Quirke.

    Cian - 'key-in'

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    Casimir's nice- but maybe a nn would be appropriate, like Cas.

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