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  • Ellen

    17 23.29%
  • Nora

    56 76.71%
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    I think Nora is perfect with your other names.

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    Nora is absolutely beautiful and perfect-- of course if you were open to it you could always go Eleanor(a), then she could be Ellie or Nora; then again, she might be a little confused growing up!
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    Thank you all so much! I feel like my husband is still leaning towards Ellen (since it was the first name we really agreed to, I guess he thought we were finished!), but Nora is really what I want right now. We still have until December to decide, and this little one may end up a "he", anyway. So I think having it narrowed down to 2 is an accomplishment! Thanks again for your input.
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    I wanted to vote Ellen so all 4 girls would have a unique ending but I find Alice and Ellie hard to say (the al/el) and agree with serenruby that Lily and Ellie are also kind of close. I think Nora is the prettier name and sounds like a great baby sister to Lily, Alice and Sadie.

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