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    Quote Originally Posted by rhiatayler View Post
    Eleanora seems to be a great way to combine both ellen and nora into a legit name and and still get the cute nn nora.
    I actually really like this suggestion. I ran it by my husband, but he still wants to go with either Ellen or Nora (he doesn't like longer names. My two oldest girls have 3 syllable middle names, but he wouldn't really consider them as first names)

    It would have been perfect spelled Eleonora, because then it would honor his father (Leon). He still says no. It feels like a little much to me, too.
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    Maybe Elena might be a sorter way to combine the 2 names.
    Yes the Nora gets lost, but it fits the short name criteria.

    I don't think Ellen is too close to Erin at all, especially as you plan on calling her Ellie.

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    I like both names, and I honestly think you can't go wrong either way. That's not very helpful. I decided to vote for Nora just because you seem to be concerned with Ellen sounding too much like your name. I don't think it's a problem, but if you're worried about it at all, then it may be a problem for you.

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    I have a soft spot for Ellen, but Nora suits the sibset so well.

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    I find Lily and Ellen "Ellie" too close, so I voted Nora. Nora fits in with all the other names very well

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