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    Which name if baby is a girl?

    My husband and I are expecting our fourth child in December. We saw the doctor earlier this week, but the baby wasn't cooperative, and so we do not know the gender yet. Hopefully the little one will be more sociable at our next visit. Until then, I'm looking for both a boy and a girl name.

    We have the fist name narrowed down to two (no ideas for a middle name yet). If this baby is a girl she will either be Ellen or Nora. Last name is 2 syllables and starts with a "C".

    Siblings are Lily, Alice, and Sarah (who goes by Sadie most of the time).

    Which name seems to fit best?
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    I think Nora both fits the other girls names better and is the prettier name as well.
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    I voted for Nora. If you do Ellen I prefer the Elin spelling.
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    I forgot to mention that my name is Erin. I asked family and friends if they thought Ellen and Erin were too close, but everyone said it was fine.

    Is Ellen too close to Erin? Husband wants to use the nickname "Ellie" for Ellen, so it might not be a problem at all.
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    Expecting #4 in December: Looking for names

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    Eleanora seems to be a great way to combine both ellen and nora into a legit name and and still get the cute nn nora.
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