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    Northern England
    of smoke and embers in ancient woodland; much love & I are waiting for you.

    Rosemary Oona & Emmett Kielder
    Alba Leontine | Rufus Elliot
    Iseabal Briar | Alec Oberon
    Fenella Posey | Yarrow Jack
    Eilean Beatrix | Auden Hugh
    Sibyl Celandine | Wilfred Fox

    (Eilean = ay-lin / Iseabal = ish-bel ).

    Names calm my soul. Nineteen year old filmmaker in London, future mama & current cat person to Shura. vote on my full list

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    Dec 2012
    Favorites: Sawyer, Benjamin, Peter, Archer (favorite, but pretty popular), Darwin (so, so awesome! my only reservation is the proximity to girls' name Arwen)

    Like, but don't love: Rhys, Cameron, Griffin, Graham, Henry

    Meh: Moss

    Dislike: Spencer, Cash (I know, Johnny Cash, but still makes me think of money), Foster (foster care), Grayson, Nate (but I love Nathaniel), Tucker (unfortunate rhyme), Ash (ashes aren't cool; plus Ash is a popular nickname for girls' name for Aisling/Ashlyn), Sky (feminine), Declan

    Hate: Dash (sounds like a bad superhero)
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    1. Archer
    2. Peter
    3. Benjamin
    4. Griffin
    5. Ash (prefer Ashley)
    6. Foster
    7. Sawyer
    8. Nate
    9. Declan
    10. Grayson
    11. Henry
    12. Cameron
    13. Spencer
    14. Sky
    15. Tucker
    16. Graham
    17. Moss
    18. Rhys
    19. Cash
    20. Darwin
    21. Dash
    Callista ⚖
    My wheeks: Ganon, Impa, Din, and Tetra
    ♀| Anna Autumn Luna Faye Kelsea Persephone Katarina
    ♂ | Oskar Soren River Shepherd Matthias Peter Abel

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