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    Larson needs a middle name

    help! due in 4 weeks.
    we have a 3.5 yr old named Anneke (On ne Ka, traditional european spelling and pronunciation)
    our fave top boy pick if this baby is a boy is Larson. nn Lars (obviously.. lol)

    Our other choices were Henry, Levi and Arlo but they just seem too popular now, or something just not right, Larson seems so perfect

    need a middle name for him... i tend to steer toward one syllable middle names. our daughter is Anneke June.
    i want something off beat or different... or classic , love old names. i cant decide... also cant decide if a family name for middle name would be good. our kids carry both our last names, un hyphenated. perhaps i dont use any middle name!

    Larson Arlo?
    Larson Lee
    Larson Henry
    Larson Jude (but our daughter is Anneke June so that might be weird?)
    Larson Peter (no affiliation, except we have a good friend named Peter!!)
    Larson George (my grandfather name)
    Larson Levi (sounds hillbilly or not right.. i dunno)
    Larson Jan (my husbands name, pronounced YAHN)
    Larson Karl (a family name, grandparent uncle on paternal side.. dont really dig it)
    Larson Josef (family name)

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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    Larson Arlo - flow is off
    Larson Lee - nice enough, but nothing special
    Larson Henry - not the best flow but both are nice names
    Larson Jude - Really great! Not, though, with Anneke June
    Larson Peter - Very handsome, I love Peter!
    Larson George - This one has my vote! Handsome sound and looks!!
    Larson Levi - not loving the alliteration, and Levi seems odd with a sister named Anneke. But that's just me
    Larson Jan - I would have said it like the girls' name Jan. But the flow doesn't work either pronunciation
    Larson Karl - don't love it, but not bad
    Larson Josef - again, don't love it but it's not terrible or anything

    So my vote is Larson George! Followed by Larson Peter.

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    I liked:
    Larson Henry
    Larson Jude
    Larson Josef (family name)

    What about Larson Grey, Larson Jace or Larson Tyler?
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    thanks for the suggestions y'all. Now im having second thoughts on Larson altogether. ACK WHY!!!!

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