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    Thoughts on Noelle

    Hi berries! i am continuously searching for two or three syllable names with spunky one syllable (preferably 4 letter) nicknames.

    Noelle nn Elle

    Perfect fit
    Tessa nn Tess
    Jenna nn Jenn
    Jillian nn Jill
    Tessa coming 2.2017 💗

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    I like Noelle, should I have been due in Dec. and not Feb. like I am.. I wanted to use it for a middle name if we had a girl.
    It's my friends middle name, as well.. same spelling. You see Noel more, but I really like the fullness of Noelle and
    the fact you could use Elle as a nickname. :]
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    I think Noelle is gorgeous!

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    I adore Noelle. The sound is so pretty and Elle is a wonderful nickname. I tend to feel like it's more of a middle name, but I could see it as a first too.

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    It's one of my favorites. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Tessa and Jillian are also on my list.

    Others that fit your criteria:

    Bianca nn Bee
    Eleanor nn Nell
    Clara nn Claire
    Kathryn nn Kit or Kay or Kate
    Bethany nn Beth or Bess
    Fiona nn Fay or Fi
    Lauren nn Ren
    Gwendolyn nn Gwen
    Juno nn June
    Evelyn nn Eve
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    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
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