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    Friend aghast at new grand-niece name <face palm>

    An acquaintance of mine named Sue called me. Her niece/god-daughter had her first baby - a girl - and Sue was "horrified" by the name given to the new arrival. She kept repeating, "How could they do that to a baby?" She was upset and was repeating herself. It actually took a while to calm her enough to find out what this horrific name was...

    Okay, you must know where this is going. The horrible name given to this child is "Sophia Rose." As you can imagine, I was dumbstruck. She was going on about how everyone would make fun of the child and that Sophia is an old Italian lady...

    When I told her that Sophia was the most popular name for girls in the US in 2013, she was shocked. I know she is about 10 or 12 years older than I am (which puts her into her 70s) but I still can't believe she had no idea about what is popular now. We are not close friends and if she was a different kind of person I would think she was pulling my leg. Before we said goodbye, she wondered what happened to normal names like Jennifer!

    Had to was just weird.

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    Oh, wow. I can imagine this exact conversation taking place fifty years ago -- over a baby named Jennifer.
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    Wow that's crazy! I was expecting it to be something that we Berries adore, but outsiders may reject, like Imogen or something. Sophia Rose is probably the most common combo too since rose is such a common middle name. Thanks for sharing, this is quite a twist.

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    I wonder if this is more of a problem than it used to be... because the world of baby names is changing faster than ever. My brother is now a grandpa, and he and his wife are struggling with normal baby names their son and daughter-in-law propose. Instead of Evelyn -- which is so old -- they want something contemporary and upbeat -- like -- Whitney(!) or McKenzie. Yikes. That world just got away from them while they were not looking. They respond well to -- Logan. I think it is darling -- but very hot, and some parents are not going to choose anything that popular.

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    LOL!! Yeah, she CLEARLY isn't a name nerd like all of us here. Certainly a funny story.

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