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    Just found out we are having a boy

    Hi all

    Need some help please! We have just found out our baby due in Feb is a boy. I had Chloe picked out as a girl name but no agreement on a boys name. My problem is that I have just realised my favourite boys name that I would have pushed for is Leo. Given that we are going to hopefully have a second child and that hopefully it would be a girl called Chloe, do you think Leo and Chloe as a sibset is too similar?

    The middle name needs to be James, and we have a long 3 syllable surname.

    My husband really likes Jack (which is the number 1 name here in NZ for pretty much the last 10 years so I think I just have to rule it out because of that), & would do Jake, Henry, Alexander (under duress) but really I don't LOVE any of those names.

    I am English originally, I like Leo, Gray, Archie (but not Archibald, prob Archer but hubby wont have it), and don't hate Jake.

    Just finding boys really hard. So anyway my question is: could I have Leo with Chloe, and if not, what is a good boys name that would go as a sibset with Chloe.


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    Chloe is very popular too. I don't think they are too close but I like Jack Gray Henry and Archer better.
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    Aww, congratulations! Chloe and Leo are cute together imo. I think they'd be a nice sibset.

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    Yes, Leo and Chloe are similar but I don't think they are too similar. I wouldn't settle for a name I didn't love.

    Other options...

    Chloe and Liam
    Chloe and Milo
    Chloe and Linus
    Chloe and Luca
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    I'd go with Leo and Chloe. I think they compliment each other well.

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