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Thread: Mattison

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    I know the -son ending means "son of" but it seems like that rule of thumb isn't followed so closely these days. He's found it on a few websites where it says its a female version of Matthew.
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    What are your other girls names? If they are very feminine and/ or traditional, then Mattison will really standout as different. A Mattison with sisters Elizabeth and Isabelle is very different than Mattison with sisters Piper and Sloane.

    Also, if you love Mattie why not name her that or a hyphenated version of that? Mattie-Rose, Mattie-Jane, etc.
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    I'm afraid I've still not come to terms with people using "-son" names on girls. I mean, of course at the end of the day it's your choice but as for my opinion I don't like it.

    Just another note : Mattison makes me think of Carrie Mathison in Homeland. For me that's a good thing because I like her character, so it does redeem the name a bit in my eyes But it's just something to be aware of, I mean I understand if not everyone likes her, she is mentally unbalanced and has her own set of morals.

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    We have two unisex names for our other girls Morgan and Allison. Who goes by Allie. I know Mattison doesn't sound great as a sibling set but she won't be the odd one out with a masculine name. I think the meaning is the most important thing. We will give her a girly middle name and if she hates it she can go by that. I've never seen homeland although its high on my list thanks everyone for your advice. I was half expecting a lynch mob for my name choice. I also love that Matthew/Mattison means gift from god since she was quite the surprise baby

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    In response to some comments
    Not having another baby so there will be no sons to give this name,( dear god isn't 3 girls enough)
    And most of the Matt girl names except for Matilda and Matea are harder to pronounce.
    I've not given up on a change to Matilda. We will see.

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