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    Need a name for Nolan's little brother

    My husband and I need help choosing a name for our second son. Big brother is Nolan Daniel and we have narrowed it down to three names. We've continued to go back and forth for the past 2 months without getting any closer to choosing one of the names. DH and I are both very indecisive by nature and our first son was 3 days old before we decided on Nolan Daniel! Ugh. Please help! BTW, this baby's middle name is going to be John.

    Our Choices are:

    Declan (DH favorite)
    Dylan (My favorite)

    We both like all 3 names so it's been difficult to decide. Some of the factors that keep us bouncing between choices are:

    1. Declan and Nolan are both very Irish, and neither my husband nor I are Irish (aka...our last name is very russian-sounding)
    2. Declan is different and that scares me...I tend to like more common names...tried and true!
    3. Hubby thinks too many people will misspell Dylan...I don't think that is the case
    4. Evan is a form of John and the middle name is going to be John...John John?! :-/ (however, we do have a possible alternative MN choice of Hank...after a grandpa Harry)
    5. Declan and Dylan both end in the same '-lan' as big brother's name Nolan

    Honest input is welcome...just don't be mean ;-)

    Sorry so much info, but I want an informed decision :-). Also, we are not open to NEW name suggestions...just comments about the ones we already have.

    Thanks so much! Baby boy #2 is due any day!

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    I think Declan would be fantastic with Nolan! I find Dylan very dated. Evan is nice, but not as nice as Nolan or Declan.

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    I actually prefer Dylan or Evan. I think Declan sounds to close to Nolan, when said out loud. I like all three names, but prefer Dylan and Evan.

    Good luck.
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    Evan would be my chose as I think using another LAN ending is not good.
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    I actually like Dylan.

    Idk though, Dylan and Nolan are both 5 letters and end in -lan so should another boy come along (incase you are trying for a girl) it may be hard to usse another name not 5 letters ending in -lan.

    The name Declan was just never my cup of tea so that's the only reason I didn't vote for it.
    I agree though John John is a little redundant.

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