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    This is TOUGH! Opinions/Suggestions please!

    I'm due in Feb, and while I don't know the gender of this baby just yet... I'm an obsessive
    baby name reader on forums and sites. Even before kiddos. Sheesh.

    Anywho, we have two possible names right now for a girl... bad thing is, I'm not sure on either.
    Right now on our list, we have Alivia Maren and Alice ___. Our last name is D _ _ t _ n, and siblings are Amaya, Ayden,
    Aubrey and Ainsley.

    Alivia was one both hubby and I agreed on. Different middle name, but I'm coming around to Maren.
    His grandmother passed away and that was one way we could honor both her, and my mother. [Mom's middle name
    was Marie, and his grandma's was Alice].
    That's where Alice comes in. That was another option, as a way to honor his grandmother. Only dilemma there is.. while our family is pressuring we use either Alice, or Mary.. his grandmother HATED both of her names, first and middle. How do you honor someone with a name that they disliked? :/ We don't want to make anyone upset, but we do realize in the end, this is our baby. We named all the others on our own.

    What are your opinions of the names Alivia, Maren and Alice ___?
    Any other ideas/suggestions?
    I'm really stuck here.

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    I don't care for Alivia- it sounds too trendy to me. I love Alice and Maren is quite nice, as well. It would help to find a middle name for Alice if you maybe told us something about your other daughters' middle names, or gave us an idea of the style you're looking for. I also think that Mary/Marie/etc. should stay in the middle, seeing as your other kids all have A names and child #5 might feel left out.

    Maybe something with a similar meaning to Alice? That could certainly be used to honor her.
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    My other kids' names are Amaya Nicole, Ayden Wayne, Aubrey Paige and Ainsley Danae, which all middle names are after someone family wise.
    We just weren't pressured, and chose them on our own. That's my dilemma, is now with baby 5, we are being pressured, and I don't really care for the name.. But then again, neither did his grandma... Lol.
    She was a great, headstrong lady. Very Southern.. very nice Christian lady in her older years, but wild as could be in her younger days.

    Thank you for the suggestions you listed, I do like Alina, I grew up with a girl by that name. Adelaide is a variant of Alice, no?

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    Alice* good choice-I dislike Alivia
    Alice Marion (mary + inn) would be a nice combo

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    I like Marion, too. I thought of that, but for some reason Maren stuck out to me while browsing one day.
    I wouldn't pair it with Alice, though.. because that would honoring the same person twice. If that makes sense.
    Her name was Mary Alice.
    While my mom's middle name was Marie, so is mine.. and I don't like it much at all lol.

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