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    Lucia or Luciana

    We have been moving closer to Lucia Rosalind as our baby girl name pick, but I've started considering the alternative of Lucinana Rosalind. We have an Italian last name (A-ma-t0) and while I do like the Italian pronounciations (Loo-CHEE-ah or Loo-chee-AH-nah/Loo-CHAH-nah), I am still undecided. Siblings are Isabelle Margaret and Raphaela Helene. I anticipate that Lucy would be the main nickname for both options, but Luciana provides lots of other nickname alternatives. What do you think?

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    Both are beautiful names. I slightly prefer Lucia Rosalind. I think that Lucia fits well with siblings Isabelle Margaret and Raphaela Helene.

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    Luciana Amato is a bit of a mouthful, I prefer Lucia and think it is lovely with Isabelle and Raphaela (beautiful names).

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    I like both names, however I prefer Lucia good luck!
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    I think Lucia Rosalind flows better than Luciana Rosalind and I also think it sounds better with your surname. Lucia seems "just right" while Luciana is 'over-the-top" in the feminine frills department.
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