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    It was mentioned by a pp, but I adore Elyse...with the y, even though I have an utter hatred of unnecessary Ys in names.

    Also much prefer Elinor to Eleanor.
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    Ashlyn for Aisling (Yes, I know. I'm going to name nerd hell).

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    I like a lot of alternative spellings which people I know would say are wrong, but which are so perfect and legit. I don't know if I feel guilty about 'em but they would certainly get me a lot of grief.
    Spellings I prefer
    Gillian Love this one! I know some people try to change the pronunciation, but I pronounce Jillian and I prefer this spelling.
    Elisabeth I prefer this Gemanic spelling to Anglo one. Also would be easier to get to Ilse, Ilsa, and Elsa nicknames.
    Isobel I love this spelling. Probably wouldn't use it, but I would pronounce it with more of an o sound.
    Jayne Wouldn't be able to use it, but this spelling is spunkier and funkier and sassier than Jane.

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    I also like Kassandra much more than Cassandra. Behind The Name lists it as the ancient Greek form (as well as the modern English variant), so I guess it's legit. With all the K names around now though, it still feels guilty

    I also agree about Meghan. Love this one too
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    Quote Originally Posted by pansy View Post
    Ashlyn for Aisling (Yes, I know. I'm going to name nerd hell).
    Haha! The Irish in me probably shouldn't be laughing at this : )
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