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    Poor Megan. I do bad things to her, turning her into Meghan and Meggan, and I do it with a smile.
    Jessamyn...flagrant abuse of the letter Y, but it's a family spelling, and I've grown to like the look of it more than Jessamine.
    Briony: Again, with the Y, but this time I take it out for no good reason. It belongs in Bryony, and I know it. Briony is very Atonement.
    I used Shaun in a story because I wanted a name that was familiar--but a little "off"--for a troubled character. I have grown to like it more than Sean or Shawn. Whoops.
    Winnifred: I slightly prefer Winifred now, but I threw this extra N in for the longest time. When I'm typing the name, I still include it without thinking.

    I also have some names where I prefer a certain spelling over the most common and/or original one, but I don't feel any guilt about these: Elinor, Marion, Kaitlin, Rebekah, Gillian, Clare, Lillie, Bryce.
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    Camryn for a girl is a GP spelling I've had forever. I like Cameron on a boy (but wouldn't use it due to it's meaning), so I have no idea why I like Camryn. But it does the trick.

    Zoe to Zoie
    Cora to Kora
    Megan to Meghan
    Mia to Miya (Miya is a legit Japanese name, but it does look kry8tiv and it would be said as Maya)
    Mae to Mai (I know Mai is said like my, but I grew up thinking it was said May thanks to my favorite cartoon)
    Caia to Kaia
    Sailor to Saylor (I had a friend named that in fifth grade and it stuck)
    Adeline to Adalyn
    Gianna to Jianna
    Jocelyn to Josslyn

    Leo to Lio
    Ian to Aeon
    Jason to Jayson
    Nick to Nik
    Wesley to Westley
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    Carolyn: I like this much better than Caroline. Probably because of House of Dark Shadows.
    Alyx: Far too tryndee, but much more modern than just Alex.
    Jakob: I like this because it feels like a real name, not just a long form of Jake. I know it doesn't make sense. I'm okay with that.
    Alyss: Yeah, I don't even know. I love Alice but Alyss is just awesome.
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    I preferred Elisabeth to Elizabeth for a really long time. Even looking at it now, I'm wavering. Ditto Katharine. And I still dig that extraneous H in Meghan.

    Take the final 's' off Alyss and you get Alys, a totally legitimate Welsh spelling. Also, Alix is a million times better than Alex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r_j View Post
    I am usually against adding a y for no reason, but I love Jayne! Totally guilty.
    Ditto this. Jayne looks so magical to me.
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