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    Poor Megan. I do bad things to her, turning her into Meghan and Meggan, and I do it with a smile.
    Jessamyn...flagrant abuse of the letter Y, but it's a family spelling, and I've grown to like the look of it more than Jessamine.
    Briony: Again, with the Y, but this time I take it out for no good reason. It belongs in Bryony, and I know it. Briony is very Atonement.
    I used Shaun in a story because I wanted a name that was familiar--but a little "off"--for a troubled character. I have grown to like it more than Sean or Shawn. Whoops.
    Winnifred: I slightly prefer Winifred now, but I threw this extra N in for the longest time. When I'm typing the name, I still include it without thinking.

    I also have some names where I prefer a certain spelling over the most common and/or original one, but I don't feel any guilt about these: Elinor, Marion, Kaitlin, Rebekah, Gillian, Clare, Lillie, Bryce.
    Mom to N
    Malcolm, Tristan, Aaron, Garrett, Vincent, Clark, Euan, Thaddeus, Eli or Elias, Wesley, Peter, Nathaniel
    Iris, Bridget, Bonnie, Averill, Petra, Saige, Catherine, Yvette, Viviana, Romilly, Martha, Gillian, Grace

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