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    I definitely prefer Elyse to Elise, even though it's a bit on the creative side. I love the name Isaac, but it looks better spelt Isaak to me. I like Grey over Gray, even though I'm American. Another one is a guilty pleasure name anyway, because it'd be mispronounced almost always. Kaede, sounds like Kay-dee, but is a fantastic character in one of my favorite books.
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    GP Spellings:

    Rainn [Boy]
    Skarlette [Girl]
    Ecko [Boy]
    Maximillian [Both]
    Ocktober [Boy]

    I have more I just can't think
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisco View Post
    Well, I love the name Zoe. It's a great name, with spunk and vivacity, and a good Greek backround. But lately I've been crushing on the spelling Zowie, even though my better sense would prevent me from ever using it : ) What about you all? Have any of you got a guilty-pleasure spelling?
    Thanks : )
    omg yes I love the name Zoe, but I love the spelling Zowie. Its so cute, plus you know, David Bowie named his kid Zowie. Can't go wrong with David Bowie. ZOWIE BOWIE. Yes good.

    But I only recommend Zowie for a girl, poor lad. lol

    My other guilties:

    Rainn (boy)- Saw that listed earlier and I couldn't believe someone else liked it too.
    Wynona- It just looks so much spunkier. Winona is cool but y's always add attitude, I think.
    Phiona or Pheona- I just love names with ph instead of an f. Like Phoebe and Daphne
    Lyla- Lila gets mispronounced too much. Lyla is straight to the point.
    Mylo- It just looks more approachable and modern.
    Tytus- Titus is cool, but there's the issue of the word Tit in there. Plus Ty adds a more approachable, modern feel.
    Phineas- I love the Ph names. I love Finnegan and Finbar though too.
    Suzana or Susanne- I love Z's because they're so unique and make things cooler. But Sanne is Scandinavian and sounds so beautiful.
    Thackeray- Instead of Zachary. I love Hocus Pocus.
    Joysa- Instead of Joyce.
    Oralee- I know, it has Oral in it. I just love the way it looks as opposed to Ora Lee.
    Topher instead of Christopher.

    I can't think of any right now lol
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    Due to all the references... I'm now starting to like Niamh for Neeve

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    Niamh isn't simply a "legitimate" spelling - it's the PROPER spelling - and in my view the only acceptable spelling.
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