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    Caeden for a boy instead of Cayden, along with Graeme instead of Graham. I also like Padraig for a boy instead of Patrick. Pretty sure they are all legit ament spellings, just less popular and harder to pronounce.

    For girls, I like Therese renounced tear-ace vs tur-eese. I Also love it like Thérèse, but accents are hard in America. Emilie I like better than Emily and oddly I like Meghann with two ns. And my really guilt pleasure is Maebhe pronounced like Maeve, and Aoibhe pronounced Ava. I'm a sucker for old Irish spellings

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    I don't know why but I have a soft spot for the spellings below in the second column. Some of them are older than the first column and some are variants of the original name. Sometimes it has to do with letter preference (eg. C's outshine K's) and the change can affect pronunciation as well. With the deliberate misspellings/mispronunciations of even the most common names being so prevalent today, I worry that the next generation won't even remember the original spelling or the correct pronunciation in the years to come.

    Damon - Daemon
    Jeremy - Jeramie
    Cheryl/Sheryl - Sherill
    Cherilyn - Sherilyn
    Cerise - Charisse
    Jeffrey - Geoffrey
    Lawrence - Laurence
    Clarice - Clarisse
    Sacha/Sasha - Sascha
    Maureen - Maurine
    Marjorie - Margery
    Irene - Eirene
    Finola - Fionnuala
    Frieda - Frida
    Jillian - Gillian
    Imogene - Imogen
    Jacinta - Jacinda
    Isabelle - Isabel
    Janice - Janis
    Kelsey - Kelsea
    Layla - Leila
    Loretta - Lauretta
    Lesley - Leslie
    Leah - Lia
    Inez - Ines
    Isidora - Isadora
    Gwendolyn - Guendolen
    Afra - Aphra
    Allison - Alison
    Annabelle - Annabel
    Juliette - Juliet
    Amelie - Amalie
    Austin - Austen
    Bronwyn (male spelling) - Bronwen (female spelling)
    Brigid - Bridget
    Kaia - Caia
    Candice - Candace
    Khloe - Chloe
    Karina - Carina
    Cecelia - Cecilia
    Madeline - Madeleine
    Margo - Margot
    Selena - Selina
    Chantelle - Chantal
    Keira - Ciara
    Cleo - Clio
    Collin - Colin
    Drucilla - Drusilla
    Elinor - Eleanor
    Neve - Niamh
    Silvia - Sylvia
    Alister - Alasdair
    Brice - Bryce
    Leanna - Liana
    Lynette - Linnet
    Natalie - Nathalie

    There are lots more but I have to stop there!
    All the best,

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    @ ameliawilliams - I feel the same about Isobel! It seems so fresh and clean-cut, and Isabelle is just so crowded
    @ shellezbellez - Hailey over Haley any day : ) I always seem to say Haley like (hal-ee)
    @ mischa - I LOVE Alasdair and Nathalie!

    Thanks everyone for your replies! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one : )
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    I love Ju/Geo - as in Julia or Georgia - spelled Giulia and Giorgia. I like Giorgio too. I have no Italian/Latin connections other than a close friend though!

    I usually hate unnecessary spelled names too, but I do like Austyn or Austen for a girl, they seem more feminine than Austin - which I do like for a boy.
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    I actually like the spelling Zoey. When I was younger, I always thought Zoe was just pronounced "zo" and when I found out I was wrong, I was so confused. Lol.
    For some reason, I'm not a fan of Sarah - there's nothing wrong with it. It's just a bit too plain for me, I suppose. But when we're talking about Sara? Now, THAT'S a little bit different! It's weird haha. Similarly, I don't like Hailey, but I like Haley a lot. I don't like Claire all that much, but Clare (or Clara) is gorgeous.
    Then there's names like Margot/Margo, where I wouldn't be able to choose a spelling (except I'd probably go with Margo, because my boyfriend thought Margot was pronounced mar-get. Haha.)
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