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    I'm a sucker for the simplest spelling. Everyone else around where i live thinks Isabelle/Isabelle is delightful, but i think Isobel/Isabel is amazing.

    Also anything with a y, even if its a legitimate spelling, makes me hate it. I live around too many unnecessary-y-namers and now i just have this knee-jerk negative reaction to the letter y.
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    I prefer Luc to Luke.

    I know Luc is a legit spelling (the French), but obviously it isn't the typical one here, but I much prefer it to Luke.
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    I actually quite like Aden. I knew a girl with this spelling in elementary school (born long before the Aidan/Jaden/Brayden craze) and always admired it. Plus it's an anagram of my grandmother's name, Edna.
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    I prefer Norah to Nora. And I like Jemma better than Gemma! Also agree about Isobel/Isabel!!!
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    I definitely prefer "Hailey" to "Haley" and "Gryffin" to "Gryphon." I think the extra "i" in "Hailey" makes the name look cleaner/fresher than the original spelling. "Gryffin" would be for "Gryffindor," plus I don't like the look of "phon." I think the "ffin" looks edgier.
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