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    Genoveva, Jen-uh-vee-va, Jennaviva - why not Genaveva?

    the e & i and J &G swap seem unnecessary. i guess you can be particular about the a versus o sound but it is minuscule.

    think people would have an easier time with the traditional spelling.
    i do not ignore the Rich Text toolbar provided me. i bold, italicize, enlarge, underline and CAPITALIZE for emphasis, individuality, and to capture attention among the endless Arial Standard Size Font that everyone else uses.
    i am not screaming nor will i cosset you. i do this to highlight the most important aspect of my thoughts so they are not lost again in the never ending sea of tiny, black, tempered letters that make up forums everywhere.
    ~*~ i encourage you to do the same ~*~

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    I loved the name Lorraine but disliked the 'e' at the end and preferred 'au' to the 'o'
    So i came up with Laurain (which somehow also lost the other 'r').
    I don't care for this name as much anymore, but this was my guilty pleasure spelling growing up

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    Zowie is the spelling David Bowie gave his son... little Zowie Bowie

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    I have a few, but they're odd. You can laugh at me, I won't mind.

    My guilty pleasures are mostly not kreative so much as unpopular compared to other spellings people find easier.

    Katharine - I think it's truly beautiful and it's got a long history to it, but it's my guilty pleasure because of the number of times it would end up mispelled Katherine, which is IMO just not as good.
    Jael - My guilty pleasure because it's awkward to spell a name Jael and pronounce it ya-ELLE, but I love it so much.
    Niamh - It's legitimate, it's just my family has already put me on notice it's not okay to spell "neeve" this way.

    Eoin - For Owen. Legitimate, but it would spazz the non-Irish side (that'd be MY family) out, and HIS family might think we're laying it on a bit thick.
    Aidan - Aiden is a trend name, and one everyone thinks of as spelt this way, but I love Aidan and have since I was 9. It's a real name, dammit! But I feel a little bad about him having to spell it each time. And then grumpy that I should have to feel bad about spelling it the traditional way. Grr.

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    I am usually against adding a y for no reason, but I love Jayne! Totally guilty.
    Baby #2 due April 2016

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