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    Genoveva, Jen-uh-vee-va, Jennaviva - why not Genaveva?

    the e & i and J &G swap seem unnecessary. i guess you can be particular about the a versus o sound but it is minuscule.

    think people would have an easier time with the traditional spelling.
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    I loved the name Lorraine but disliked the 'e' at the end and preferred 'au' to the 'o'
    So i came up with Laurain (which somehow also lost the other 'r').
    I don't care for this name as much anymore, but this was my guilty pleasure spelling growing up

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    Zowie is the spelling David Bowie gave his son... little Zowie Bowie

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    I have a few, but they're odd. You can laugh at me, I won't mind.

    My guilty pleasures are mostly not kreative so much as unpopular compared to other spellings people find easier.

    Katharine - I think it's truly beautiful and it's got a long history to it, but it's my guilty pleasure because of the number of times it would end up mispelled Katherine, which is IMO just not as good.
    Jael - My guilty pleasure because it's awkward to spell a name Jael and pronounce it ya-ELLE, but I love it so much.
    Niamh - It's legitimate, it's just my family has already put me on notice it's not okay to spell "neeve" this way.

    Eoin - For Owen. Legitimate, but it would spazz the non-Irish side (that'd be MY family) out, and HIS family might think we're laying it on a bit thick.
    Aidan - Aiden is a trend name, and one everyone thinks of as spelt this way, but I love Aidan and have since I was 9. It's a real name, dammit! But I feel a little bad about him having to spell it each time. And then grumpy that I should have to feel bad about spelling it the traditional way. Grr.

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    I am usually against adding a y for no reason, but I love Jayne! Totally guilty.
    Baby #2 due April 2016

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