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    I love Ione!
    Ione Celeste
    Ione Susannah
    Ione Pearl
    are all on my own list! Those are the best i can come up with at the moment.
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    Ione Apsara
    Ione Aziliz
    Ione Berlewen
    Ione Estelle
    Ione Clémence
    Ione Delphine
    Ione Eseld
    Ione Morgane
    Ione Osanne
    Ione Parisa
    Ione Rosenwyn
    Ione Solenne
    Ione Sowenna
    Ione Sylvaine
    Ione Tanaquil
    Ione Tien
    Ione Yvaine
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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    You're welcome verminator. Diana Lorien is gorgeous.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll let you all know what she says tomorrow. ^_^
    I tried sending you a pm and got this message:
    dantea has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    Here it was:

    Dantea, would you mind sharing your name lists with me? I don't know how to view them under your profile. I love greek and mystical names like from Tolkien, and love your daughter's name. Well, I'm, due next month with a girl. I live in Tarpon Springs, Fl, which has the highest greek population in the USA.

    MY husband is Indian so I think if I offer to pair the first name of my choice with MN Satya or Maya to honor one of his grandmothers he might go along. FYI Indians never name babies after living relatives.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Liviajoan -- Yea, that's the Greek pronunciation.

    Tasha -- I'll pm you. I cleared my inbox. It's annoying >.<

    Ok, these are the ones she likes:

    Ione Viveca
    Ione Victoria
    Ione Sabine
    Ione Viviana
    Ione Phaedra
    Ione Francesca
    Ione Delphine
    Ione Morgane
    Ione Parisa
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