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    Phoenix Laser is my favorite combo out of your list.
    Mason Laser is nice too.
    Mama of two beautiful boys!

    Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
    So are the children of one’s youth.
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    Since your daughter has a unisex name, my tendency would be to err on the side of giving your son a distinctly masculine name. (Does that make sense to anyone else?)

    My favorites from your list:


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    mikayla Guest

    jtucker - yeah but I don't really care about Phoenix being used on girls as well. my daughter's name is also unisex I get the thing about the spelling of Blayze..but I really, really love this spelling

    iamamiam - I don't like sabre at all.. and baby's dad doesn't care about names at all

    hermione_vader - i had Declan on my list, but it doesn't feel right

    pemdas - I guess I can see why people think Laser is bad. but why Maximus?

    rkrd - i don't care if it looks like a girls name, this is the spelling I like the most

    sweetpea2peanut - don't like Remington..thanks anyway

    ursa_minor - i love the idea of using kingsley as the middle name for phoenix, but i think it might be too much. i like them both because they are used in the harry potter series, and my daughter's middle name is Hermione, so..

    anajo - i like the suggestion of Phoenix Laser

    collmcc523 - i see what you're coming from, but I don't think it's that important actually. i'm not afraid of people thinking that Parker is a boy, or that any future boy of mine is a girl.

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    Phoenix is my favorite, I also like Lucas, Dylan and Grayson.

    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    Blayze - really don't like it, sorry
    Phoenix - not a fan, although Nix would be an awesome nickname
    Mason - super popular and makes me think of the mason society...
    Liam - very popular/trendy, I'm just not a fan
    Blake - nice, but a little common and popular
    Kingsley - I prefer Kingston
    Maddox - Very nice!
    Ryder - A bit too popular/trendy for my taste
    Grayson - I like Gray, but not Grayson
    Maximus - Not bad
    Dastan - This would confuse me, Dustin is a good option though
    Hayden - I really like this.
    Dylan - I am not a huge fan, but it does have a nice sound
    Lucas - handsome! Love this.
    Laser - Could be a really cool middle name

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