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    1. Grayson
    2. Phoenix
    3. Mason
    I think laser and Maximus are ridiculous
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    Love Liam, Dylan and Lucas! Do you really need a 'y' in Blaise/Blaze? It makes it look like a girl's name. I do like the name (even though I went to college w/an extremely obnoxious Blaise).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikayla View Post
    Looks like I will be naming this baby on my own as well, but i would really need some second thoughts on these names. I've listed my top 3 in order, the others are in no particular order. Parker is older sister.

    would like to hear what you think of these names, associations, and if they are too popular. I don't want anything too popular..

    1. Blayze - yeah I know people won't like this spelling. But I do, and I won't change the spelling perhaps a middle name
    2. Phoenix - this one has a lot of meaning to me (reborn) not my style.
    3. Mason - can't help it, I REALLY love this. But its very popular I think you have better options.

    The rest:
    Liam very popular, but truly nice name that would give your son options. Something like Phoenix Liam or Phoenix William is so much stronger IMO because it sounds unique rather than ultra trendy.
    Blake mms, but a solid choice
    Kingsley nice, sounds a little British
    Maddox I think this moniker is attached to a Jolie-Pitt child
    Ryder sounds trendy
    Grayson like this one
    Maximus my favorite. I like Liam Maximus, Maximus Liam, and Maximus Blake
    Dastan makes me think of the word dastardly
    Hayden ok, but makes me think of a soap opera
    Dylan this has become unisex
    Lucas or Lukas popular
    Laser - its growing on me. this is the O-N-L-Y name that the father has suggested, and he really seems to love it. So..I guess I like it a lot because of this..
    I like the suggestion of Sabre or perhaps Remington

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    Blaise is a great name and would have been my favorite. Blayze looks like 'be lazy' or 'b lazy' at that. However, I'm sure you have weighed the cons of this spelling with your child in mind.

    Phoenix- A great choice, it's different but easily recognizable. It's also nice that it has meaning to you.
    Phoenix Blake
    Phoenix Kingsley

    Blake, Liam, Maximus, and Lucas are all nice choices as well, but not as special as Phoenix.
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    I really like Phoenix
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