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    Looks like I will be naming this baby on my own as well, but i would really need some second thoughts on these names. I've listed my top 3 in order, the others are in no particular order. Parker is older sister.

    would like to hear what you think of these names, associations, and if they are too popular. I don't want anything too popular..

    1. Blayze - yeah I know people won't like this spelling. But I do, and I won't change the spelling
    2. Phoenix - this one has a lot of meaning to me (reborn)
    3. Mason - can't help it, I REALLY love this. But its very popular

    The rest:
    Lucas or Lukas
    Laser - its growing on me. this is the O-N-L-Y name that the father has suggested, and he really seems to love it. So..I guess I like it a lot because of this..
    [CENTER][FONT=Fixedsys]mom to Parker Hermione
    due December 11 with #2
    [COLOR="#ff6699"]Nova Felicity[/COLOR] OR [COLOR="#3399cc"]Mason Phoenix[/COLOR][/CENTER][/FONT]

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    Mason... second choice would be Phoenix, but I think it's trendier as a girl's name. Laser makes me think of Lazarus, but I like Lazarus. Blayze is nice and not common, but the spelling would be a sticking point for me.

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    I will give you my Top 5 from your list (there are a few from your list that I really love, however, since they are popular and you are worried about that I won't include them in the top 5) :

    1. Phoenix - On nameberry I hear about girls having this name, but I have only ever heard of boys with this name, I guess it's more of unisex name.
    2. Dylan
    3. Lucas
    4. Blake
    5. Blayze - As you said others will have issues with spelling it like this (as a teacher I am definitely one of those people), however I love the sound and feel of the name so I'm putting it on the list

    Good luck! Really love your daughter's middle name of Hermione by the way.

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    Lucas, Dastan, Maddox, or Liam. Maybe you could see if dad likes Sabre?
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    My favorite picks from your list are Liam (though it is #6 on the 2012 SSA list), Blake, Maximus, Dylan, and Lucas. You might like Declan, Lucian, or Maximo, maybe? If you go with laser, you might want to go with a traditional middle name, like Laser Benjamin or Laser Patrick.

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