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    Help! First boy and need opinions!

    Hi! New to nameberry and need some opinions! We have 2 girls,

    Kate and Abigail, husband is Chilean so latin last name although unsure of using a Latin name as a first because he would be explaining himself with both names all the time! But open to suggestions

    Hubby is a huge Superman fan and he would be in heaven if we named our baby Clark. Not too popular right now which can be a good thing! Other option for Superman would be Kal (not Kal-El) or variations of that like Kallahan.

    Other names we have thought about:
    Nolan and Oliver.

    Open to suggestions but would love opinions on Clark especially! What do you think of when you hear that name?

    Thank you!

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    Clark goes well with your daughters and wouldn't be instantly thought of as a Superman reference. Clark is a great choice.
    Kalil or Kalle nn Kal are also options.
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    I like Clark and think it goes well with your daughters names!

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    Clark is great. It's a good name sake (defending the less fortunate? awesome!) It's a surname name, but feels classic, fresh, and ready for use right now. Another option is Kent. I prefer both to Nolan and both are more interesting than Oliver, though Oliver is very sweet.
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    I like Clark.. From your other list, I saw Nolan, and I think Nolan Clark would be a good combo.
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