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Thread: MN for Virginia

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    She doesn't truly need a middle name. If you don't love a combination, and there's no one you want to honor, she could just be Virginia Surname.

    Or do what my mother did--give her a middle initial and tell her she has to pick her own middle name when she grows up, because finding the perfect first name was hard enough!

    My middle name was L. Which actually makes me think that Virginia Elle is rather lovely.

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    I feel like something old and dusty would sound best with it...something that would have been used back in the early 1900s:

    Virginia Pearl
    Virginia Louise
    Virginia Hazel
    Virginia Ruth
    Virginia Mavis
    Virginia Mabel
    Virginia Doris
    Virginia Beatrice

    Good luck!

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    I love Virginia my top combos are Virginia Beatrice and Virginia Gwendolyn.

    Virginia Caroline
    Virginia Catherine/Kate (meanings a little redundant,but sounds lovely)
    Virginia Lucy
    Virginia Claire
    Virginia Maeve
    Virginia Noelle
    Virginia Eleanor
    Virginia Lenore
    Virginia Evelyn
    Virginia Agatha
    Virginia Millicent
    Virginia Harriet
    Virginia Araminta
    Virginia Gabrielle
    Virginia Helen
    Virginia Abigail

    I would avoid word names like Poppy because Virginia Poppy sounds like a kind of poppy from the state of Virginia...and I would avoid Mary variants unless you really want an intense Virgin Mary connection.

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