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    Primrose too prissy?

    Baby girl is due any day now - and as per my previous post, just when we thought we had it all sorted, we're having naming doubts!
    Loving Rosie - but thinking its a nn, and thought Primrose was pretty cool.

    Too prissy or stiff maybe? I know my MIL will HATE it, lol - but she didn't love our boys name either and now she does.

    But thoughts on Primrose? nn Rosie...

    We were thinking Ivy, Emmanuelle, Lyra, Poppy, etc.
    ~Mum to Miles and Ivy~

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    casilda Guest
    I think it'd be easier to pull off as a middle name than as a first name.

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    I have Primrose on my own list and I love it! Also sounds smashing next to Miles
    I say go for it! I like Prim as a nickname too!
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    I love Primrose! I think it sounds so sweet. And the nickname Rosie is a good common ground for people who think Primrose is too "out there."

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    Emm...I think a person can be prissy, not a name. Primrose is beautiful, I used to adore it with nickname Rosie but it's just not enough my style. I'd love to meet a baby Primrose though, absolutely adorable. From the names you mentioned I also find Ivy charming.

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