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Thread: Georgia

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    Nov 2012
    I love Georgia. I think it may rise up the charts a bit more, but I don't think it'll make the top 100 any time soon.

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    Thanks guys! Happy to hear you all think it won't become the next "Sophie"! It just seems like lately I've been hearing the name a lot which is a real bummer! Hopefully in a few year's time when I'm ready to have another it won't have risen in popularity!

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    Georgia is a very pretty name! It would pair well in a sib set with Sullivan, as they are both "Southern"..but not
    common, and still strong names.
    I love the connection you have with the name, also. That makes it so much more special. Great choice, IMO!
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    Georgia isn't too common anymore. And it's classic anyway so who cares! If you love it use it.

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    Love your son's name- although I know a couple of Sullivans, so at least in the UK it's not so unusual!
    I think Georgia goes beautifully with Sullivan. They compliment each other beautifully- both are stylish, but not too trendy, and modern but not so modern that they will become dated.
    Good choice!

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