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    Flora, and the nickname issue

    I love the name Flora, and have for a long time. My problem with it is that I have this fear that people will call her Flo, which I despise on many levels. Do youthink that is likely, that people would call her Flo? What other nicknames are there for Flora?
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    I can understand the concerns and I too despise Flo.
    Whilst I think Florence more easily lends itself to Flo, the only thing I could think of doing is coming up with an alternate nickname for Flora incase someone feels the need to shorten an already short name.
    Maybe Lori?

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    Flora is such a simple, short name that I would hope people would not try to call her Flo! I think the reason Flo comes so readily with Florence is because it makes Florence more energetic and fun. Flora already has that fresh, fun feel, so maybe Flo won't be as automatic.
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    The Flora I know went exclusively by Flora, only her older brother ever (occasionally) called her by a nickname and it was either Effie, or her middle name. I love it, and I doubt Flo will be an issue.
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    I once met a DARLING dainty little one-year-old named Florrie. I believe that was her given name. Flora could be Florrie.

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