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    Quote Originally Posted by alannah_daley View Post
    This is my list of top names, I'm curious to see what you all think about the names! Please be honest (but without being rude, like, I'm more likely to keep your comments in mind if you say "I don't like this name, I just don't see the appeal" rather than if you were to say "that is the ugliest name I've ever seen in my life, do not name your kid that"). Also, feel free to suggest names you think I'd like going by my favourites! Thank you

    1. Agatha
    2. Araminta
    3. Astrid
    4. Augusta
    5. Blythe
    6. Bronwen/Bronwyn
    7. Cressida
    8. Delphine
    9. Dulcie
    10. Edeline/Adeline
    11. Edith
    12. Elspeth
    13. Florence
    14. Genevieve
    15. Gwendolyn/Gwendoline
    16. Imogen
    17. Isadora
    18. Ismeria (iz-mer-ee-ah)
    19. Kathleen
    20. Lavinia
    21. Maeve
    22. Merewyn/Merewen
    23. Millicent
    24. Nerissa
    25. Olive
    26. Ophelia
    27. Orlaith (Orla)
    28. Ottilie
    29. Rosalind
    30. Rosamund/Rosamond
    31. Rowena
    32. Saffron
    33. Seren

    The names I love from these are Seren, Orlaith, Merewyn, Maeve, Kathleen, Adeline. My favorite is Orlaith and it's new to me also.

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    I love Cressida, Isadora, Maeve, Olive, Ophelia, and Rowena. Alll are soft, beautiful, and unique without being too out-there.

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    I like Agatha, Blythe, Bronwen, Cressida, Florence, Gwendolen, Lavinia and Olive. I don't like Augusta, Maeve, Mellicent, Nerrisa and Rosamund at all, others are fine.

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