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    I really like Agatha, Delphine, Imogen and Lavinia from your list! I love the name Daphne and it seems to fit in with your style of names.
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    Favorites (ordered from most favorite to lesser)
    Genevieve - Love. Especially if you use nn Neve
    Ismeria - Never heard it. Interesting, pretty, unique, a nice alternative to Isabel. Similiar sound to Namira/Nameera which I like
    Bronwen (prefer wen since wyn is male and I try to avoid y anyway) - Nice meaning
    Florence - Nightengale, so that's a cool namesake
    Kathleen - I prefer Catalina or Catalene

    Least favorites (very worst first)
    Olive - Can't stand olives.
    Agatha - Agatha Christie, just sounds like a mean old lady
    Blythe - bleh
    Millicent - sounds masculine
    Elspeth - Seems a bit odd, so many consonants
    Delphine - Dolphin. And again sounds like an old woman
    Dulcie - I think of sweets in Spanish. And I must not like D names, just not very pretty sounding imo
    Gwendolyn/Gwendoline - I like the Gwen meaning Gwendoline is just kinda boring. I prefer Gweneira, Gweneth/Gwenyth, Gwenllian, or just plain Gwen
    Imogen - I don't understand the love affair many have with this one
    Merewyn/Merewen - I really liked this until someone pointed out that it sounds a bit like "marijuana". Now I do love Maiwenn / Maewen / Maywen though

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    The only ones I'm not too keen on are:

    The rest are all names with an interesting ring to them. I like Astrid, Agatha, Ismeria in particular.

    Other suggestions... Agnes, Ursula, Iseult/Isolde, Petrina, Claudine.

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    Agatha- it's a bit old ladyish but not so much that it isn't usable. Nms
    Araminta- I like it, and Minty would be a cute nn
    Astrid- I used to really hate this name, but now I'm obsessed with How To Train Your Dragon (yes, the animated movie) so that's what I think of, giving it a good connotation for me. It's not my favorite and it has teasing potential
    Augusta- it's okay, too old lady for me
    Blythe- I very much dislike this one, too old ladyish
    Bronwen/Bronwyn- I really like both of these. It's fresh and spunky and not overly girly
    Cressida- I don't like this name. Not sure why, I just don't see the appeal
    Delphine- this one is cool. Not my favorite, but different and unique in a good way
    Dulcie- too nicknamey for me
    Edeline/Adeline- Don't like Edeline, love Adeline
    Edith- too old for me
    Elspeth- it's okay, I prefer Elizabeth.
    Florence- half of my family is named Florenece, so I don't like it for that reason. And it's a bit old, but it's ready for a comback
    Genevieve- I like Genevieve. It's very girly though
    Gwendolyn/Gwendoline- I like this one, and Gwen is so cute
    Imogen- very much dislike this one. It doesn't sound very feminine to me and reminds me of evil queens. But that's me, other Berries like it
    Isadora- this is one of my favorites! I love this name. Izzy or Dori would be so cute!
    Ismeria (iz-mer-ee-ah)- its okay, prefer Isadora.
    Kathleen- very dated right now, it's a mom name to me
    Lavinia- this one is ready for a comeback
    Maeve- I really like Maeve. It's spunky
    Merewyn/Merewen- prefer Bronwyn
    Millicent- this one reminds me of the evil queen from Sleepig Beauty
    Nerissa- I like it, but I know a lot of people with -issa names, so it's a bit boring
    Olive- it's a food. Like Olivine better
    Ophelia- I like the sound, but the story can be a turn off
    Orlaith (Orla)- just Orla. I like Orla, but the full name doesn't appeal to me
    Ottilie- I like it, don't love it
    Rosalind- I really like this one. It's nice and it ages well. I also like Rosaline
    Rosamund/Rosamond- I prefer Rosalind or Rosaline, but Rosamund is nice too
    Rowena- it's okay. I like Rowan, but for a boy. Rowena doesn't have the same feeling. What about Morgana?
    Saffron- not a fan
    Seren- like it and the meaning
    You have a nice list
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