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    Well I was gonna comment on all the names but then I realized that it would be too long haha.

    So I will give you my thoughts on the 5 I chose from your list:

    #1- Pandora- Beautiful, beautiful, nothing but beautiful. I don't care what people say about the Pandora character, she was a goddess before the 'box/jar' myth came along (even if most don't know that). I have it on my own list for a daughter. The *only* thing would make me hesitate is the -dora ending (I despise the Dora Explorer character). I think of Pandora as a mother goddess with long flowing dark hair and glowing eyes that is dressed like an Amazonian warrior who is surrounded by baby animals and flowers (I could go on and on...)

    #2- Daphne- Beautiful! I love it! I might be biased though haha, I'm having twins and if one is a girl then Daphne will be in her name somewhere for sure. The name makes me think of nymphs (well duh) dancing and playing lyres and flutes in a forest...

    #3- Ottilie- Lovely, I can't tell you how much I love it. The spelling just looks so dreamy and medieval with a German warrior princess sound. The only problem is of course the pronunciation issue.

    #4- Adelaide- Another love of mine. It's vintage, sweet and makes me think of meadows with pink, yellow and purple flowers. Plus the nicknames are pretty: Addie, Adele, Della, Adela, Ella, Lea and even Lady (which is my favorite). Only downside is the popularity is picking up for this one...

    #5- Lavender- I find the flowers have such a relaxing and pretty scent (that alone makes me like it!). But while it is usable (having been on a character in the Matilda book/movie) it will still get A LOT of strange looks. That might make it hard to wear for most kids...

    Hope I helped
    ~♥~ Amanda ~♥~
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    I liked a lot of your names. These are the ones I would consider using myself.

    Autumn---I have one of these! She is now 22 and Mom to Rylie
    Daphne--LOVE This name
    Natalie--Maybe not unusual but a solid pretty name. I mentioned this one to my DD and she said Tally Whacker for a nn which throws me off a bit....
    Reverie---so different, really sounds pretty, love the meaning too.
    Saffron--I have always liked this one, probably sue to the old old song. (I'm Just Wild about Saffron)
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    My favorites would be:
    1) Valencia (i know someone named Valeska - it sounds very unique and very elegant)
    2) Nora
    3) Reverie i like the sound of it
    4) Natalie

    I feel uncomfortable with names I have no idea how to pronounce. I don't want to say it wrong so i often don't say peoples names I am not sure how exactly to say. For instance a someone I know named her baby Cheyenne and she calls her Shi so i don't know if i should say SHEY-ANN or SHI-ANN or SHEY-ENNE... So I often just say baby. haha
    So very excited to be expecting our 1st Baby August 3rd Boy: Knox Girl: Avery

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