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Thread: Angora Bunny!

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    Angora Bunny!

    I'm possibly getting a white, super fluffy angora bunny this weekend. My husband is letting me get him in hopes that he will help cheer me up while we keep trying to have a baby, since we're on year two now.

    He needs a new name. I want it to be something fantastic that I love but wouldn't be brave enough to use for a child.

    Names that I've considered so far:


    Thanks in advance everyone!

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    Rupert sounds wonderful! Harry/Hairy is a no and Atlas sounds too doggy. My best girlfriend has an Angora bunny boy named Tribble!

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    I would go by Rupert. I think it's cute for a bunny.

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    for a moment, I thought this was a thread suggesting Angora Bunny as a baby name. So relieved. I love Rupert though
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

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