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    I prefer Florence! It's a beautiful name.

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    Wren may be misspelled. Wren can be spelled Wren or Ren. Most people don't know about the bird or would think to spell it that way. Wren has a harsh and abrupt sound. Wren can also be nickname for Warren. Due to Pretty Little Liars & Footloose (both the 1984 film and 2011 remake), people who aren't familiar with the name may think it's a boy name. It's a nature name which is free range. It may become a popular boys name in the future. Florence will never be a boys name.

    Florence has many more options for nicknames. It isn't true that Florence is doomed to be Flo, but Wren will always be Wren. No matter what.

    Florence nicknames:

    Flora, Florrie, Fleur, Flower, Floris
    Florentina, Florentine
    Fifi, Francie
    Floss, Flossie
    Loren, Lori, Lore, Lora, Lowri
    Rory, Orie

    Florence is a name that suits any way your child would want to be at any stage of her life. It also looks great on a resume as well as sounding pretty spoken.

    Unfortunately with the world we live in, I think Florence would fare better than Wren.
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    I much, much prefer Florence.

    I don't understand the appeal of Wren as a full name. It doesn't look very pretty, and it's...a bird. Florence is underused, classic, beautiful, and still gives you the nickname '[W]ren'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post
    The only Ren association i have is from the old Disney show Even Stevens and i hated the character named Ren because she was such an anal, suck-uppy know-it-all.
    I used to watch that show all the time! And then I started liking the name Wren. And then I married someone whose last name is the middle name of the actress who played Ren. Now it feels like if I named my daughter Wren it would bring back Even Stevens associations. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    I would rather be named Wren and I'd rather name a daughter Wren. I'm not big on Florence.

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