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    I would also go with Florence. Vintage names such as this is making a serious comeback so I don't think it's seen as old lady-like as it used to be. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore the name Wren, but Florence has a plethora of nickname possibilities, one of which includes Ren/Wren (Flossie, Florrie, Flo, Flor, Flora...).
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    Florence nickname Ren or Wren

    Edit: I like Japanese names, so if I used Florence, I'd get the best of both worlds with "Ren" because its Japanese for "Water lily." But I could also see Ren growing into Rennie, which is cute to me, too.
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    Wren, definitely! I see it as a kind of unexpected, quirky, sweet, tomboy, girly it can fit any kind of girl, from shy and reserved to loud and outgoing. And i think it ages well.. I can picture any age female with this name, unlike Florence where all I can picture is an old lady.

    Maybe it's just me but Florence has a sick medicinal taste in my mouth when I say it. I can see why people consider it a pretty name, but I just don't think it is.

    And honestly, if you plan on calling a Florence "Ren" anyhow, then I'd' just go with Wren in the first place.
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    I'd definitely go with Florence. I like the versatility. There is just something I don't quite like about Wren personally, though I don't know exactly what it is. Also it is a little Ren and Stimpy to me, not that I think that is really relevant to naming a baby today.
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    For myself, I would prefer Wren. It fits my personality better than Florence.

    But if I were naming a baby and only had those two options I would go with Florence. It would give the child whose personality is unknown more options, Florence, Flo, Ren, Flossy.
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