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    Wren or Florence? Which would YOU prefer?

    I like both of these names, although I'm not sure I love them enough to ever use them for a child. If I did use the name Florence though, I would want to use the nickname Ren. Since I clearly couldn't use both, I am wondering which one is better -- a feminine, classic (but almost old-lady) name with a cute, modern nickname or a nature name that is not as flowery and feminine. In order to get the kind of feedback I want, I think I'll ask it this way -- if your own name had to be either Wren or Florence, which would you prefer and why?

    TIA, you Berries are the best!
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    I'd rather be Florence.

    The reason why is because its cute and vintage, and it has a lot of nn possibilities which I love. I love having options. Wren is just Wren, theres no nn. Florence could be ren if she wanted to, or flor, flora, or even rory.

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    I like Wren better. It sounds good on both cild and adult.
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    Florence nn Ren, definitely! Wren makes a good middle name (e.g. the oft suggested Penelope Wren...) but, as pp(s) mentioned, there's just one syllable, no nn, no options for her to choose as an adult. I think it makes a better child's name than grown woman.

    Florence is lovely and the nn Ren is so cute!

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    I'm already a Ren so I guess I'll stick with that My full name is Karen. I go by Ren ninety percent of the time, only my family call me Karen.

    I definitely think you should do Florence nicknamed Ren. It's good having a full name to fall back on sometimes and the world needs more Rens-without-w's
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